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There are 3 easy steps to becoming a wireLawyer

Join. It's easy and free. You're hired! Learn more.


Map out your referral network. Why do I want to do this?


Find referrals, post referrals, and collaborate. Learn more.


Join. It's easy and free. You're hired!


First you have to join. wireLawyer is invitation-only. So you were probably invited by someone you know, or we reached out to you because you're the type of attorney we need. This allows us to grow in a controlled and intimate way.

Edit your profile

Please take 5 minutes to fill your profile out. Import from LinkedIn and it only takes about 5 seconds. If you do nothing else, let us know your state of license and your practice areas. wireLawyer technology can only help you if it knows what you do and where you do it.


Map out your referral network.

Expand your referral network

What does this mean? wireLawyer employs various technologies to map your referral graph. It's based on LinkedIn relationship theory that says your opportunity lay in your 2nd and 3rd degree connections. And opportunity for attorneys is referrals.

Connect with other attorneys

We also know that our attorneys only like to refer matters to people they know or recommendations from someone they know. We examine your contacts and connections and let you see all the great attorneys around you and around them. It's usually enough to always find someone no matter how obscure the matter or jurisdiction. And if you don't know them, you can always ask someone you do know in the chain for a recommendation. We NEVER EVER store passwords or email anyone without your permission.


Find referrals, post referrals, and collaborate.

wireLawyer is one of the largest online attorney-only referral networks. We keep the community just attorneys so that marketing people, HR headhunters and noisy consumer leads don't leak in. wireLawyer was started by lawyers and we were looking for a platform where fellow attorneys could help each other with work- especially SMLs (small to mid-sized practices).

Find referrals

Lots of referrals are moving through the system so it shouldn't take long for others to find you. (Fill your profile out and get lots of points and they will find you even quicker). If you post a referral, you get bumped to the front of the line- ie. you will get the next referral in your area in your practice. Click here to see a list of all referrals.

Accept a referral you were invited to

If you've been invited to a referral, go to your dashboard here to view the referral and accept it.

Post referrals

There are two ways to post referrals.

  1. Let us do the hard work for you. Post a referral to our system (either privately or publicly). If posted privately, we will curate a list of 1-10 top vetted practitioners in the area of need. Map out your network and we'll push up attorneys connected to you. Otherwise, we default by points. To have the broadest reach, post publicly. All of our users will be able to see your referral request and you will get more responses. We've even built in buttons to let you easily share with your other social/professional networks.

    Everything is tracked in your dashboard to be stored for later reference. We'll even update you on the referred matter and assist in processing any split fees.

  2. Do it yourself. Search here. We provide the most robust searchable database of attorneys in the country. Narrow down by location and practice and message. Create saved lists to message multiple practitioners in various areas. Most of our attorneys like referring to attorneys they know or are known by someone they know (so you can get a quick recommendation). So map out your referral network and see every attorney you know in every geography. You will be surprised how large your network really is.
Search for documents

Finally, we've create a collaborative document database and Q&A. Now you can swap documents for free and share advice rather than use expensive Lexis and Westlaw products. And since our attorneys are partners, upload documents to our database, tell us what to charge for them, and we split the revenue 50/50.


wirePoints are the currency of wireLawyer. You get points for almost everything you do on the site. Post a referral- get points. Answer a question- get more points. If your answer gets upvoted, you get even more points. And if your answer goes to #1, lots and lots of points. Points show community engagement and loosely reflect merit. The good thing about our points- unlike other rating systems- is that you have the power to change them. Searches for other attorneys always default by points. So the more points you have, the higher you show in searches. Some examples of activities that give you points:

  • Completing your profile
  • Making a connection with a colleague
  • Posting a referral
  • Contributing to a group discussion

Other questions

Do you have a question that's not listed here, or have any feedback for us? Please click the blue "Feedback" button in the bottom right corner.